When adopting a pet from the Friends of the Mobile Animal Shelter you must meet a minimum of these requirements. Other conditions and requirements
may be added at our discretion.

You must be 18 years old or older.
You must provide your adopted pet food, water, shelter and humane treatment at all times.
You must provide annual vaccinations and veterinary exams required by law.
You must prevent your adopted pet from running at large – dogs must be kept on a leash or kept in an enclosed are, cats must be kept indoors.
You must not allow your adopted pet to be used for experimentation.
Your adopted pet must not be used as a guard dog.
You accept full responsibility for the animal’s temperament and personality.
If you live in an apartment, you must have paid any security deposits and any additional rent.
If you can no longer care for your adopted pet the animal must be returned
to the Friends of the Mobile Animal Shelter (FOMAS).
FOMAS reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason at any time.
FOMAS reserves the right to refuse adoption to prospective owners who fail to provide accurate information on their adoption application.
FOMAS reserves the right to reclaim pets if conditions of the adoption agreement are not met.
You must have proper facilities to maintain and contain your pet before the adoption.
All pets currently in the household must have current veterinary care.